Saturday, March 14, 2009




The “Manhattan Project in Reverse” is born.

With deepest thanks to all of you who voiced your support, by e-mailing, calling, or attending committee hearings, we are proud to announce that a healthy, irresistible 15 billion pound (equivalent to $ 21 billion in US dollars) girl was delivered on Friday March 13, at 5:05 pm in The House Chamber of The New Mexico State Capitol in La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asis, the most appropriate birthplace for the most promising child prodigy and the locus for the most potent instrument of lasting peace.

She was delivered by Senator Carlos Cisneros, Senator Jerry Ortiz y Pino, and Representative Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales, bravely and tenderly assisted by Speaker of The House Ben Lujan, Senator Linda Lopez, Senator Bernadette Sanchez, Representative James Roger Madalena, and unanimously nursed by all other 105 mid-wives and mid-husbands of the New Mexico Legislature.

The mother, the State of New Mexico, is exhausted, but elated, and is expected to recover soon and remarkably well, economically and otherwise.

The re-enchanted and joyful mother now duly and rightfully expects the uncles, Senators Jeff Bingaman & Tom Udall, and Representatives Ben Ray Lujan, Martin Heinrich, & Harry Teague, to bring ordered baby shower gifts to her state shower party. It is not much, a mere $5.2 billion per effort. The date of the shower party shall be announced when all Washington, DC arrangements & packages are sealed and New Mexico locations & details finalized.

The involvement and assistance of all the extended family of New Mexico is needed, particularly in the next three years, to nurture and morally guide this beautiful baby girl through a happy childhood and to full maturity, so that she might serve well and provide plenty for all New Mexicans and citizens of the world for generations to come.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes especially to Mrs. Sharon Shaffer, Assistant to Sen. Ortiz y Pino, to Ms. Valerie Valdez & Ms. Cerina Armijo, Assistants to Sen. Cisneros, to Mr. Regis Pecos, Chief of Staff for Speaker Lujan, and to Ms. Resha Spero, Assistant to Speaker Lujan.

Please contact the honorable public servants listed below and thank them heartily for acting upon their good hopes and good intentions that will benefit the children, youth, and citizens of all 33 New Mexico counties. Their support and involvement now makes SJM 33 a wellspring and solid foundation for the implementation of Program MARIA (“Manhattan Project in Reverse”).

Gratefully and joyfully,

Miro Kovacevich & Matthew Ellis
ViviLux Institution

*”It’s a boy” were the secret code words delivered to President Truman at the Potsdam Conference, to notify him that the first atomic bomb test at the Trinity Site in Alamogordo, NM on July 16, 1945 was successful.


Rod Adair, Vernon Asbill, Sue Wilson Beffort, Mark Boitano, Pete Campos, Carlos Cisneros, Kent Cravens, Dianna Duran, Tim Eichenberg, Dede Feldman, Stephen Fischmann, Mary Jane Garcia, Phil Griego, Eric Griego, Clinton Harden, Stuart Ingle, Timothy Jennings, Timothy Keller, Gay Kernan, Carrol Leavell, Linda Lopez, Lynda Lovejoy, Richard Martinez, Cisco McSorley, Howie Morales, George Munoz, Cynthia Nava, Steven Neville, Jerry Ortiz y Pino, Mary Kay Papen, William Payne, John Pinto, Nancy Rodriguez, Sander Rue, John Ryan, Bernadette Sanchez, Michael Sanchez, John Sapien, William Sharer, John Arthur Smith, David Ulibarri, Peter Wirth

Honorable Representatives

Eliseo Alcon, Thomas Anderson, Janice Arnold-Jones, Paul Bandy, Elias Barela, Andrew Barreras, Ray Begaye, Richard Berry, Donald Bratton, Jose Campos, Joseph Cervantes, Gail Chasey, Eleanor Chavez, Ernest Chavez, Zachary Cook, Nathan Cote, Anna Crook, Brian Egolf, Nora Espinoza, Candy Spence Ezzell, Mary Helen Garcia, Miguel Garcia, Thomas Garcia, Keith Gardner, Karen Giannini, Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales, William Gray, Joni Marie Gutierrez, Jimmie Hall, Dianne Miller Hamilton, John Heaton, Dona Irwin, Sandra Jeff, Rhonda King, Dennis Kintigh, Larry Larrañaga, Ben Lujan, Antonio Lujan, Patricia Lundstrom, James Roger Madalena, Antonio “Moe” Maestas, Ken Martinez, Rodolpho “Rudy” Martinez, Kathy McCoy, Rick Miera, Andy Nuñez, Bill O’Neil, Al Park, Danice Picraux, Jane Powdrell-Culbert, William”Bill” Rehm, Dennis Roch, Benjamin Rodefer, Debbie Rodella, Henry “Kiki” Saavedra, Nick Salazar, Edward Sandoval, Sheryl Williams Stapleton, Jeff Steinborn, Mimi Stewart, James Strickler, Thomas Taylor, Jack Thomas, Don Tripp, Jim Trujillo, Shirley Tyler, Luciano “Lucky” Varela, Gloria Vaughn, Richard Vigil, Jeanette Wallace.

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